Pig Neighbors

Picking up where I left off yesterday:

I went to Madison Square Park with my awesome fantasy novel which does not in any way shape or form label me a giant nerd, and sat on a park bench and read and watched the puppies/children/hipsters in strange clothing.  I gawked at the extremely long line for the Shake Shack and decided that one day I should get a milkshake there, because milkshakes are delicious.  I also guarded my purse from KILLER SQUIRRELS who were obscenely socialized because people kept putting them in their laps and FEEDING THEM.  One squirrel actually came up to me while I was reading and poked his face and paws into my handbag.  I promptly got up and moved to a less squirrel-infested area of the park.

My dear dear dear dear dear friend Philip Chernyak called and I went to Hell’s Kitchen to meet him for dinner.  We ate Turkish food.  I had some kebabs.  I also took some kebabs home to eat for lunch today.  Then I had Pinkberry–mind you, I’d had Red Mango earlier in the day.  No such thing as too much tart frozen yogurt, says I.

I came back to Santosh’s and turned on the basketball game, about whcih we will not speak.  Santosh and friends returned from painting an apartment.  They were paint-spattered, but Santosh was joyous, for his team won.   Massive Cleveland failure, sigh.

A Magic fan and a Lakers fan walk into a bar...
A Magic fan and a Lakers fan walk into a bar...

Anyhow, festivities occured–I’ll just say that we went to a bar called Drop Off Service and didn’t get home until 4:00.  Sometime during this period I consumed a grilled cheese sandwich.  Also delicious.

This morning, or should I say this early afternoon because I slept in and it was glorious, I headed uptown to see the Salute to Israel Parade which commemorated Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary.  The event wasn’t a parade so much as many groups of people marching up 5th Avenue waving Israeli flags.  Much Israeli pride, many many many New York Jews and adorable children, some Israeli music I recognized from my days at the JCC and Ramah Darom, and surprisingly few protestors.  There was a designated protest zone near the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel, but otherwise the mood was positive.  Also, there was a troop of JEWS ON MOTORCYCLES.  I’m sorry, that makes me very happy.

Israeli soldiers.
Israeli soldiers.



I walked along the parade down 5th Avenue, and hopped in and out of a few stores (of course) and also into St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The view across the street from the Cathedral always amuses me–Atlas, facing down the Catholic church.  Good times.

Humanism vs. the Church.
Humanism vs. the Church.

I eventually returned to Santosh’s, after a brief stop at Barnes and Noble to get the next book in the fantasy series which I am reading that does not in any way shape or form label me as a nerd, to collect my largest suitcase.  The suitcase and I traveled uptown to the apartment that I will be subletting starting Wednesday.  It was my first time seeing the apartment and meeting the woman from whom I will be renting.  The apartment is spectacular and I will be posting pictures once I am settled.  The woman, a middle school math teacher at a nearby prep school, seemed very friendly and was wearing a lot of Tory Burch and Vera Bradley, as well as a pair of pearl earrings.  The apartment is newly rennovated and a few repairs are still being completed, but I am looking forward to moving in–again, it is gorgeous, and extremely close to the Whitney.  Oh, I also saw this sign in the lobby of the building:

Don't worry, I'll get my own papers.
Don't worry, I'll get my own papers.

I left the apartment (my suitcase remained) and ran a few more errands before heading back downtown, grabbing some dinner, and returning to Santosh’s apartment.  Now Santosh and I are chilling, watch Dexter (so. good.) and generally preparing for The Week to Come.  I start my internship at the Whitney tomorrow.  Very excited!

4 thoughts on “Pig Neighbors

  1. Nice pix and a nice post.

    Sad news to report. Linda Janoff just passed away. Barry Mazer called to tell me. Apparently, she’s been fighting cancer for several years. I know she meant a lot to you and so many other Pine View students. Not the best news on your first day at the Whitney but I’m sure she’d be thrilled with your new adventure in the big city.

    Hope day 1 goes fantastically well!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the first show/first few days! Have a great first day and I’ll talk to you tonight.

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