Movin’ on up.

Firstly, thanks to those of you who comment!  I really enjoy getting comments on the blog, it instills in me a sense of ridiculous importance and feeds the inner narcissistic beast.  Keep it up, I will love you forever!

I am posting early today because I am finally MOVING INTO MY SUBLET (yay!)  I’m not sure if I’ll get to post tonight as the woman from whom I am leasing will be there tonight, and I want the few hours before sleep to go smoothly.  However, she will be gone tomorrow, and I will finally be able to settle in and starting living here.  Ee!

Anyhow, today was the first full day, more or less.  We still oriented ourselves, but this time it was restricted to the interns in the Registration department.  Diana (my supervisor) went over, in detail, the project for the summer.  I will be working with the object files for approximately 360 drawings from 1970-1979.  I’ll be looking through the documents in the files, everything from acquisition sheets to correspondence to artist statements, and making sure that the correct information is entered into TMS.  If I find any major discrepancies I head down to the library and do some research, but only if discrepancies exist regarding dates, titles, provenance, exhibition history etc.  Hopefully I can figure out a way to expediate the process (I am a fan of efficiency) and not get too bogged down in the mundanity of data entry.  I had the option of choosing from several time periods: pre-war, immediately post-war, and the 70s, and figured I’d hop on the 1970s because it is closest to my area of personal interest and because artists in the 1970s were feisty.  I hope to read juicy, angsty artists statements in the object files.  I didn’t actually start work today, just lots of orientation, save for lunch (once again in the park with Teresa.  I’ve been getting delicious salads from this UES grocery store called Butterfield Market.  Old-school New York cute.  ) and a weird rambling 45-minute conversation about Martha Stewart sightings, Dr. Ruth, the Turkish-Greek conflict, and the island of Cyprus.  The tangential conversation began when we were discussing the Whitney’s off-site storage area which is located down in Chelsea by a fashion photography studio and, I believe, Martha Stewart’s old company headquarters.

I also discovered that I had connections with one of the other employees in the Registration Department.  While we were orienting ourselves I kept eyeing the girl across the table from me, whose name is Krista, because she looked incredibly familiar.  Right after lunch she said the same thing to me–that I looked familiar.  We both figured out that we were at the Harn in Gainesville around the same time; she was working in the library while I was an intern.  Still, it gets weirder.  Here is the conversation that happened as i was leaving:

Me: See you tomorrow Krista!

Krista: Actually I’m going out of town.

Me: Where are you going?

Krista: To Florida to see my family.  My sister just had a baby, the first in the family!

Me: Aw, yay.  Where in Florida are you from?

Krista: Sarasota.

Me: I’m from Sarasota!  Where’d you go to school?

Krista: Pine View.

Me: Uh.  Me too.  That’s so weird!

As you can tell I am incredibly articulate.  Anyhow.  Krista graduated 1998, with Santosh’s sister (that was the only name she knew that I also knew, i told her I was staying with Santosh).  ALL OF PINE VIEW LIVES IN NEW YORK CITY.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but still, small world.

Oh, also, during lunch I was able to check out a bit of the Claes Oldenberg show.  I only had time to really look at two rooms–the room with the fantastic Ice-Bag C that expands and retracts as though it is breathing, and a small room with objects and signs from Oldenberg’s The Store.  I love Oldenberg, so of course I was pleased to see some of his work, and I am looking forward to having more time to see the show later.  The ice bag piece was especially fun.  Part of the charm of Oldenberg’s works, especially his soft sculptures, is their anthropomorphic quality–they sort of look like people, in an odd way.  Therefore, to me at least, it made perfect sense that one of those sculptures such expand and twist and collapse, almost as though it were inhaling and exhaling deeply.  More on the rest of the exhibition when I get a chance to see it.

Anyhow, after leaving the museum I lingered a bit on the UES to check out some grocery stores, then hopped on the 6 to head home.  I really dislike the 6 in the afternoons because it is the only train on the UES and it is OBSCENELY CROWDED.  Today the trains were off schedule and the car was packed to the brim.  I was uncomfortably close to a man who smelled like old gym socks and cigarettes.  When I had a chance to move away from him, I did so, only to end up next to a crotchety old woman who kept bitching about people bumping into her.  As though we had any choice?  If you don’t want to be jostled, don’t get on the subway when it is crowded!  Anyhow, the subways were so off schedule that the train actually skipped my stop, so I ended up walking about ten blocks back to Santosh’s.  In the rain.  Ah well, these things do happen.

So that’s my day.  I’m going to grab some dinner, make sure my stuff is all organized, and then head up to my sublet around 8:30-9:00 (I am subleasing from an incredibly busy woman).  I’ll be happy to be there, but even happier when she is gone, and I have the space and the large bed to myself.  Yay good night’s sleep!

Talk to y’all when I’m  settled!

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    1. Um, wow, you were, I’m really impressed. I’d meant to google it earlier this week but I had forgotten. Yes, the play is called Fate of a Cockroach, by al-Hakim, how’d you know?

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