In honor of the TONY AWARDS!!!

I had a post about my Saturday in the makes late last night when my firefox crashed, so I decided to go to bed.  You will all receive tidings of my fun evening in Brooklyn later tonight.  In the meantime, in honor of the TONY AWARDS, I present to you this video from a fan of [Title of Show]:

Tony Awards Cake!

I will be semi-live-blogging the Tony Awards.  I say semi because I will be watching the latter part of it on delay, as I am waiting for Phil to finish up his rehearsal for The Wasp Woman so he can join me uptown for our own personal Tony Awards viewing party complete with Thai food.  The party we were supposed to attend was cancelled, so we improvised.  I also say semi because I have not yet seen many of the shows that are nominated.  This will be remedied as the summer progresses, though I can guess that Billy Elliot will win best new musical and those three boys will win best actor in a musical.  Oh and Alice Ripley will win best actress in a musical for her role in Next to Normal, which I am seeing on Wednesday.

One thought on “In honor of the TONY AWARDS!!!

  1. Mother and I (more mother- because I spent the day studying) attempted the cake. We definitely strayed from the recipe though…pictures will happen.

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