Monday Sugar Rush: Lady M.

I’ve walked past Lady M., a fancy, snooty looking pastry shop on the corner of Madison and 78th.  SeriousEats has written it up (of course) and evidently they are known for something called a mille crepe, which the website describes as numerous crepes layered with custard.  They also have other lovely cakes, all of which you can view on their website.  The “boutique” (as the shop is described) is stark white with chandeliers and fine china and lacquered tables and chairs to better suit the ladies-who-lunch crowd.  The interior was so stark that I decided to take some cake to enjoy in the comfort of my own apartment.  I ordered a slice of mille crepe (because it is the thing to get) and a slice of strawberry shortcake (because I’ve been feeling fruity these days, as you will soon read).

DSC05443 The shopgirls (there is no other word for them) behind the counter  wrapped my cake slices in plastic paper and placed them a fancy little box with a fancy little sticker. I took the box home to enjoy some of the cakes–don’t worry, I didn’t eat either slice in its entirety.

Both cakes were very light and airy, clearly made with excellent ingredients.  The mille crepe was sweet but not too sweet, but it was a little soggy for my taste (I actually preferred the hardness the cake gained after it spent some time in the refrigerator).  The strawberry shortcake was also excellent, though I wish it had contained more strawberries.  Still, the cake was light and the strawberry-infused cream yummy.  If I go back to Lady M. I’d probably try one of their chocolate cakes, but these two were a treat, and certainly a testament to the cake-making skill happening at Lady M.  If you like your sweets subtle, head here.  If you like to be walloped over the head with processed sugar, head elsewhere.  DSC05444

Pardon the plastic wrap in these pictures.  I wanted to wrap the cakes up again post-sampling, and so didn’t remove the covering all the way.

Mille crepe.

Strawberry shortcake

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