Surprise Thursday Sugar Rush: Levain

Diana gave Theresa and I the afternoon off (win).  Our morning consisted of intern activities: a talk from someone from Registration (Registration represent) and a tour of the Dan Graham show from a curator.  I’ll recap those in a future post.  I am sure you all are simply dying to hear more about Dan Graham.

I had some of the pizza bianca from Sullivan Street Bakery and edamame for lunch and then put on my gym clothes.  The weather outside is back to disgusting: off and on rain, heat, humidity, dreadful.  I decided just to dress to not impress.  I also had plans for a 2.6 mile round trip cookie trek.  Yes you heard me right: a cookie trek.  I decided to use my free afternoon to check out the chocolate chip and walnut cookies at Levain, a fairly famous NYC cookie shop made even more famous by an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network.  Levain is on the Upper West Side, at 74th and Amsterdam, and since there is no subway connecting the UES to the UWS I decided to walk.

Walking was a wise idea, considering the proportions and ridiculousness of the cookie I consumed.


This wasn’t just a cookie y’all.  It was a six ounce gooey soft hockey puck of chocolatey goodness.  Levain’s cookie is my perfect consistency of cookie: a little crispy on the outside, extremely moist and gooey and melted chocolatey on the inside.  I prefer my cookies barely cooked, in case you can’t tell.  The messier the better.


Levain was started by two triatheletes.  Evidently they were searching for ways to carb-load before/after workouts.  They found it. You will be happy to know that I didn’t finish the cookie in one sitting.  However, the cookie is now gone–so know that all six ounces disappeared this afternoon.  It was completely worth it.  Still, I am glad that I walked all over town today. Google maps listed the length from my apartment to Levain as 1.3 miles, but on the way home I detoured to 86th to do some shopping.  I am of the opinion, by the way, that H&M is sort of overrated–that’s just me.  Anyhow, that cookie was awesome, and walking tons and going to the gym post cookie is probably the only way I can actually justify/atone for said cookie.

If you’re ever feeling particularly gluttonous and in the mood for delicious chocolate chip hockey puck-sized cookie, head to Levain.

Look at how melted that chocolate is! Seriously!

Contrary to all the posts on this site I actually do eat pretty healthily here–I bring my lunch to work and I just had chickpeas sauteed in olive oil with some garlic and red pepper flakes for dinner.  Regardless, I’m only in New York for the summer, and I have much reconnaissance to do for you, my devoted readers.

Tonight Brad turns 25.  Evidently there will be a podcast taking place in the bar at which we will be celebrating.  A barcast, Brad calls it.  I’ll let you consider that for yourselves.

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