44 1/2

Last night I met Sam, Larry, and a friend of theirs from their vacations on St. Bart’s at a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen.  Evidently I only ever eat in Hell’s Kitchen, but I am okay with that.  Anyhow, the establishment was fabulous (really) restaurant.  Called 44 1/2 (because it is on 10th avenue about halfway between 44th and 45th streets).  This restaurant is tres Hell’s Kitchen in the sense of Hell’s Kitchen’s new identity as not just a new restaurant hot spot but also a central gay community within Manhattan. 

Fun times were heralded when I saw the front of the restaurant: two outdoor tables with a giant pink umbrella between them.  At one of the tables was a man in a really amazing bright pink shark skin suit and white patent leather shoes.  He also had a little white lap dog with him.  Oh, and the waiters running around outside were all young, hot, and wearing tight jeans and tight pink shirts with front-and-back phrases such as “Heaven” on the front and “Hell” on the back or “Whipped” on the front and “Beaten” on the back.  Our waiter had large, beautiful blue eyes and, I am sure, no interest in me.  Whatever, eye candy for the win!

Sam and Larry arrived around when I did and we met their friend at the bar.  Their friend is a native New Yorker who lives in my neighborhood and who shares my love of Broadway musicals.  We got along just fine. 

Dinner was fun: much talking of homes in St. Barts and Massachusetts and potential buying of New York City apartments and comparison of Broadway shows.  We ate out back in the outdoor patio, which was lovely for most of the night but grew chilly toward the end of the night.  I had the house salad with dried ricotta, beets,  greens and a light vinaigrette, and a magherita pizza with pesto.  The portions at this establishment are huge, so I ended up taking home some of my pizza, as well as Sam’s leftover macaroni and cheese (thanks Sam).



The pizza was good, though I thought the pesto a little strong and that it overwhelmed of the other flavors.  The salad was a little boring, and too large; I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the dried ricotta strips.  But whatever, gotta get your veggies. 

We also split two desserts: some sort of a really peanut-buttery mousse cake with (I think?) coffee ice cream and a really wonderful, warm, melty peach and strawberry crumble with peach gelato.  I’m on an enormous fruit dessert kick, and this dessert did not fail me.



Anyhow, a good time was had: good food, good people.  Once again thanks to the uncles for keeping me well fed and well taken care of.  Tonight the familial gatherings continue, but this time with relatives from the other side of the family.  Family week indeed.

One thought on “44 1/2

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I’m having reading your blog ! . . . not only does it pluck my NYC heartstrings . . . it’s fodder for future reservations !


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