Day: July 16, 2009

A noneventful day.

Seriously.  I guess that’s what happens when you “live” somewhere as opposed to “visit” somewhere.  Some days you don’t do anything interesting.

Well.  The interns did receive a tour of the Claes Oldenburg show from Carter Foster, the curator of drawings.  Everyone at the Whitney who has spoken to us has been really encouraging and receptive to questions, and Foster was no different.  He talked about the exhibit and the process of mounting said exhibit, of course, but also spoke openly about his curatorial philosophies, how he came into this profession and drawings inparticular, his thoughts on how one learns to become a curator etc.  We also spent a long time around the Ice Bag.  I found a video of one of the other Ice Bags on youtube–not the same one, the Ice Bag at the Whitney is larger, but it demonstrates the same idea.

Other than that, work was work.  After work I went straight to the gym, then grabbed a salad for dinner, then went to Barnes and Noble to grab the next book in the nerdy fantasy series I am reading, then Pinkberry (ohmyGod so many stroller moms, the Upper East Side location is hard to deal with sometimes), then home.  Currently i am watching Batman Returns on tv.  I know, fascinating, right?

Hopefully this weekend will provide more entertaining!