Last Wednesday

In the city, and it wasn’t too active I am afraid.  Work is wonderfully busy.  The curators met today to approve gifts, and there were many gifts (I believe around forty-five objects total).  Some of the works were not approved, or met vigorous debate before being approved.  Said debates/conversations involved issues of differing taste, the subject of politics when dealing with donors, the odd particularities of conceptual art, and the legacy, mission, and history-building aspects of the museum.  I won’t go too far into detail regarding said debates because it is not my place and certain things should remain behind closed doors, but it was fascinating and a privelege to get to witness the conversations held at this curatorial meeting.  A really unusual time, and an aspect of the Whitney that I had not yet experienced during my time at the museum.

Once the curatorial meeting was over Theresa, Christa (the documentation assistant who also went to Pine View and the University of Florida) and I had to get to work cataloging all the new art.  Cataloging involves measuring, making notes of any signatures/markings on the fronts and backs of the works, and transcribing labels on the frames.  If you find irregularities, such as a tear in the backing board or debris, you make a note of it.  I found a little tiny (dead) bug in one of the prints I was cataloging.  The frames on those prints are original, so that bug has been there since the piece was made in the late 1970s.  Hopefully one of the conservators will remove the little dead 1970s bug.  I actually really enjoy cataloging, though I feel bad having to constantly get art handlers to move/turn over/prop up the works for me so I can see their reverse side.  Part of the job, I guess.  Anyhow, working with the art is great!

This evening I didn’t do much.  I fought the horrible rain and thunder and humidity to the gym and back again, worked at eating down the food in my fridge, and recorded a podcast with Brad.  Said podcast will be posted sometime next week; worry not, I will link to it.  Now: more packing and cleaning and getting ready to leave New York City.  Which is ridiculous.  I love New York City, so I am definitely sad to leave, but I am also definitely ready to be back home.  Bittersweet indeed.

Oh, also, Rebekah, one of my Frying Pan buddies and one of the more solid people at the Whitney, has a really lovely photoblog that captures quirky, unusual images of her day.  You should check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Last Wednesday

  1. Have you seen Scenectody NY? In one of the early scenes Samantha Mathias is wearing the dress that had to be the inspiration for the dress you wore to your Whitney interview.

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