Three Hour Lunch

How is tomorrow my last day at the Whitney?  I am incredibly uber-sad.  I love my department: my understanding and generous supervisor, Christa who is funny and cool and down to earth, Theresa my intern buddy with whom I bemoaned the horrors of grad and post-grad school, Rebekah and Molly down in the subcellar who always brightened my day when they popped upstairs, Alicia with whom I wandered SoHo…so many good people!  Hopefully we will stay in touch.

The farewells began today, alas.  My supervisor treated the interns to a farewell lunch at Spice, a Thai place on 2nd, and we lingered for three hours discussing everything: East Coast vs. West Coast Judaism, the Club Kids of New York City in the 1980s, Kiki and Herb, various museum experiences, the meaning of the word “hipster,” my supervisor’s adorable-sounding children, and, of course, the New York food scene.  Speaking of food, I ate some: vegetable dumplings and pad thai.  The dumplings were wonderfully chewy and a little nutty (I have not yet had bad dumplings; they all taste a little different but it is hard to displease me when it comes to dough stuffed with delicious things) and a serviceable and sweet pad thai.



Lunch was long and leisurely and we didn’t get back to the Whitney until 4:15, and then I did a bit of shopping, and then the interns and I headed upstairs for the farewell interns party which involved some cupcakes and cookies and much talking and many staff members from the museum.  And then I got sad, because I am leaving.  Yes, sadness hit my heart, and I’m still feeling a little sad.  I had to say goodbye to my supervisor and Alicia, and I dislike goodbyes, I really do.  Tomorrow is the official last day which means uber-sadness.  Do. Not. Like.

Allright, enough angst and melodrama.  Time to go to my last Beer Crawl. Ungh.  Sad.

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