Last Day at the Whitney

Well, today was the last day at the Whitney.  I got all emo and maudlin in the last post, so I will spare you all the details.  You know I’m sad to be leaving, hopefully I’ll be back one day.  Boo emotions.

Last night I went to my last Beer Crawl, which was a sparsely attended event at the Scratcher on East 5th Street right by Cooper Union.  The East Village trek was an excuse to hit up Sundaes and Cones.  They didn’t have taro, my go-to flavor (sad) so I settled for some strawberry cheesecake doused with hot fudge.  I would have liked more of a prevalent cheesecake flavor in the ice cream but the hot fudge was stellar.

Yes, that is all hot fudge.  Awesome.
Yes, that is all hot fudge. Awesome.

I also ducked into Toy Tokyo, which is similar to Kid Robot but a little more fanboy, and has a marvelous array of all things toy-nerd-Japanese.  Love it.  Anyhow, I’m bummed that the Whitney internship is over, I am bummed by the horrible disgusting humid weather, generally i’m bummed.  Hopefully the weekend will revive me.  Chapel Hill on Monday, extremely surreal.

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