Day: August 7, 2009

North Carolina Museum of Art Closing Until April 2010

The North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, where I interned last summer, is closing on September 7th and will not reopen until April 2010.  The shutdown will enable the museum to move into its new location and to prepare for the opening of the new building next spring.  So if you haven’t ever been to the NCMA, or if you want one last peek of the museum in its current incarnation, get yourself to Raleigh stat!

Here’s the press release from the NCMA.

The Future NCMA

The museum will still have performances in the outdoor amphitheatre during the interim period.  Also, the museum park will be open, so if you like your nature with a dash of art you can still get your fix.

Shiki Sushi

Everyone needs a solid, afforable sushi place with better-than-average sushi that acts as their weekly sushi joint, and I think I have found mine in Shiki Sushi.

Shiki Sushi is in a little strip mall semi-close to Southpoint in Durham.  They have a nice two-for-one deal which is a bargain if you order any of the rolls that are less than ten dollars.  While this is not the best sushi I have ever eaten in my life, it is pretty damn good sushi, and some of the rolls are creative.  Also, incredibly filling.  The space is large and Asian fusion-y designed and fairly pleasant.  Also, there’s a TCBY around the corner, if that’s your bag. Sometimes, it happens to be my bag.

Jon and I went the other night and shared a Nemo roll (spicey tuna and avocado with some salmon on top), a North Carolina Sunset roll (spice tuna, salmon, cream cheese, and spicy mayo with little red fish roes that pop in your mouth, I love that), a Special Maguro Roll (spicy mayo, scallop, fish roe, tempura crunch, tuna) and I forget what the last roll was but it involved some tempura and eel sauce.


That picture makes me want sushi again.  I seriously could eat sushi every day for every meal for the rest of my life.  Just saying.

Let the Right One In

Finally watched this Scandinavian vampire flick the other day, and I really enjoyed it.  Definitely sort of an art-house style move in terms of cinematography and lingering scenes of bleak, dark, snow-covered Scandinavian winter landscapes.  But still, vampire movie!  The film is sort of a love story between a twelve-year old outcast boy and a seemingly twelve-year old girl who moves into his apartment complex.  The movie makes vampires totally scary–not like the neutered silly Edward Cullen vampire of Twilight fame.  Also, supernatural kids are always creepy.


Anyhow, forbidden love y’all.  They’re making an english-language version for release in 2010, but I’d just rent the original.  Because it is awesome.