Shiki Sushi

Everyone needs a solid, afforable sushi place with better-than-average sushi that acts as their weekly sushi joint, and I think I have found mine in Shiki Sushi.

Shiki Sushi is in a little strip mall semi-close to Southpoint in Durham.  They have a nice two-for-one deal which is a bargain if you order any of the rolls that are less than ten dollars.  While this is not the best sushi I have ever eaten in my life, it is pretty damn good sushi, and some of the rolls are creative.  Also, incredibly filling.  The space is large and Asian fusion-y designed and fairly pleasant.  Also, there’s a TCBY around the corner, if that’s your bag. Sometimes, it happens to be my bag.

Jon and I went the other night and shared a Nemo roll (spicey tuna and avocado with some salmon on top), a North Carolina Sunset roll (spice tuna, salmon, cream cheese, and spicy mayo with little red fish roes that pop in your mouth, I love that), a Special Maguro Roll (spicy mayo, scallop, fish roe, tempura crunch, tuna) and I forget what the last roll was but it involved some tempura and eel sauce.


That picture makes me want sushi again.  I seriously could eat sushi every day for every meal for the rest of my life.  Just saying.

One thought on “Shiki Sushi

  1. The last roll was called a Dynamite Roll I think, and it’s the closest to you in the picture above. I think it was tuna with some cucumber and maybe cream cheese in the middle and the entire roll was cooked tempura style. Hot sushi, who’da thought!

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