Day: August 12, 2009

Goat cheese, zucchini, and mushroom tart.

Monday I cooked a goat cheese, zucchini, and mushroom tart from this recipe.  Extremely easy.  Saute up some zucchini, make a mix of tons (seriously, I used tons) of mushrooms, though I substituted vermouth for the madeira because I had no madeira and didn’t feel like hunting for it.  Goat cheese.  Pre-made puff pastry sheet.  Bake away, done, delicious.  Seriously, a winner, and you could sort of feel okay about the richness of the dish because it was filled with veggies.  I also roasted a whole bulb of garlic and added it to the tart, because I love garlic, but, you know, that’s a personal thing.  Do what you will.






Ferran Adria’s El Bulli: I Would Love to Eat Here One Day But Probably Never Will

The Amateur Gourmet posted about his experience at Ferran Adria’s restaurant, El Bulli, in the most witty and lovely way: a comic book form with pictures and even videos of some of the bizarre and wonderful foods he and his partner Craig ate during their time at the restaurant.

Read the article, it is really charming, some of this food looks like martian food but also seems like it would be an entirely new way to happen upon familiar foods and flavors.  I suppose that is what makes Adria so successful: he delivers foods in a way that causes the eater to rethink their very definition of “food.”  Evidently El Bulli really lives up to all the hype.  I want to go to there.