Margaret’s Cantina, The Station, Water Rings

Friday night Jon and I were lazy and didn’t want to cook.  We went to Margaret’s Cantina, a reliably good Mexican place in Timberlyne.  The place has fairly excellent, fresh Tex-Mex style food and some vegetarian-inspired choices such as a “Greek Quesadilla” and any number of dishes involving tofu and/or hummus.  I decided to try the (also vegetarian) huevos rancheros which were oddly disappointing.  Way, way, way too much cheese on the dish; the cheese overpowered the egg and turned what should be a light and flavorful dish into a heavy, gloopy mess.  I actually just made huevos rancheros for dinner and my version was way more interesting and flavorful than Margaret’s.  So go to Margaret’s, but don’t get the huevos rancheros.


After dinner we headed to Carrboro to catch the opening of the new show at Wootini, one of my favorite galleries in the area.  Wootini caters to a decidedly nerd/sci-fi/horror set, and sells everything from fantastic, unique works of prints, painting, and sculpture, to vinyl figures, stickers, and ball-jointed dolls.  Some of the items are one-of-a-kind, some are mass-produced, but if you are looking for a gift at any price range and you want it to be a little unusual, definitely head to Wootini.  I remember stumbling upon Wootini when I was visiting Carr Mill for the first time when I moved here a few years ago, and I believe I jumped for glee and clapped my hands a little bit.  Mike, the owner, is a friendly guy, and my friend Liz works there as well, so go to Wootini.

Also, from whence does the name Wootini come?  If anyone has the answer, please let me know!

Many of my friends were at the opening, so afterwards a few of us headed to the nearby Station for some sitting and drinking and talking.  The Station is a favored bar of mine here, all train-like and antiqued and vaguely speakeasy-ish.  Also, every few Fridays there is an excellent DJ who spins classic soul music.  Good times.



Also, I made a ring design with the condensation from my drink.  Never underestimate the creative drive.


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