District 9 + Pita

Julie and Julia was followed immediately by a screening of District 9, because tales of culinary gusto should always be followed by allegorical science fiction.  District 9 is an excellent little film.  Tight, thrilling sci-fi with aspects to thrill all viewers: gross-outs for those who liked The Fly, plenty of action, tight political commentary, excellent acting, and a somehow-adorable child alien who plucks at the E.T. type heartstrings.  I also appreciated the telling of a story that is typically ignored–what we do to them, as opposed what they will do to us like in ID4 etc.

After a bit of alien goodness we headed into the mall, more specifically to William and Sonoma, and Jon bought the knives to end all knives, the sort of knives that cut through anything as though it were butter.  They are beautiful knives, and they are now his babies.

The precious.

We used said knives to make a light dinner of a grilled chicken pita.  Said pita was stuffed with a mix of cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, and spinach and topped with a cayenne-greek yogurt mixture that was tangy and just the right amount of spicy.  An easy, light summer meal, especially with the assistance of the knives of glory.





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