I Finally Wrote My Dragon*Con Article

Half a year later and I am finally able to process Dragon*Con enough to write an article.  This article has been published on my acquaintance Travis’ web magazine, Thriller Mag.

Every Labor Day weekend, a crowd descends upon Atlanta for the sensory festival known as Dragon*Con.  To the outsider, Dragon* Con can be described as Comic Con’s scrappier, less corporate little brother.  The Con-Goer, however, finds Dragon*Con more amazing than chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and Purple Rain and the perfect pair of black leather riding boots.  This was the best weekend ever, and I want to share it with you.  Thus, I present to you, in the only way I know how, a series of memories from my first time at Dragon*Con…

Want more?  Go read the article at Thriller Mag.  While you are there check out other cool features like Travis’ interview with Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo and my friend Chris’ reviews of reviews.

If you want the full, unedited, thirteen-page long rendition of Lindsay’s Dragon*Con adventure then check back in a few weeks.  I’ll be putting the entire thing up once the article has had some time to cook with Thriller Mag.  Excelsior!

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