49 Days to Dragon*Con: My Little Pony Mods

Hi y’all.  Did you know that yesterday was evidently embrace your geekness day?  How fitting, considering it was the start of my countdown.  However, I view every day as full of new potential for embracing my nerdiness and geekiness.  Who needs a holiday?!

So in recognition of this holiday someone over at Buzzfeed put together a really fabulous list of modified My Little Pony(s). If you don’t know what a My Little Pony is, I’m sorry, and google it.

My Little Klingon Pony
My Little Frank-N-Pony
My Little Alien Pony

Okay so those are just three of the awesome ones but there are fifty more on an awesome list and you can see them all right here.  Some of them are hella creative, peoples.  Today is a good day to dye…My Little Ponys.

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