43 Days to Dragon*Con: LeVar Burton

So this is pretty awesome:

You can get a larger version of this masterpiece here.

LeVar Burton pretty much owns.  I watched so much Reading Rainbow as a kid, I totally hear that song happening in my head as we speak.  Let us reminisce:

Evidently there is a new theme that has existed from 1999, but that theme does not exist for me.  This is the only Reading Rainbow there is.

So, I’ve never seen Roots, but I totally understand that Kunta Kinte definitely doesn’t go by Toby, bitch.  I mean who doesn’t know about that scene?  Also, apparently he gets his foot cut off because he kept trying to run away?  That is commitment.  I’d post that scene here, but it is super intense, and if you really want to see it you can youtube “your name is toby” and get yourself some American historical guilt.  That is real.

Also, GEORDI LA FORGE. A blind super-engineer who was only bested by Wesley God Damned Crusher.  Geordi’s little visor totally gave LeVar crushing headaches, but he powered through, because he is a hero.  His physical commitment to the role is unyielding.  Watch and learn:


That is getting ELECTROCUTED people.  Insane.

So, basically, even though Geordi LaForge was kind of an unlucky little bitch who got beat up frequently and who never got the girl, and even though Kunte Kinte got whipped a lot and then got his foot caught off by a racist white slave owner, and even though there are butterflies in the sky…despite all this, LeVar Burton can clearly kill a bitch.  Watch yourself.  Respect.

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