42 Days to Dragon*Con: Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk

I was introduced to Meco and the album Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk at age 13, when my mother decided to play parts of this album during the cocktail hour at my Bat Mitzvah party at Michael’s On East in Sarasota, Florida.*

Seriously, when I hear this, I just want to get up, put a hand on my hip, and do one of those cross-the-room sexy points while disco grinding (is that a thing?  Or is John Travolta the only one who can pull that off?)  This is so wonderful and so 70s and so would never happen today.  (Or would it?)  I wasn’t alive in the 70s, y’all, but somehow I feel that this was a real, nay, a serious artistic endeavor on the part of Meco.

Look at this guys.  They are doing the hip bump.  That is so seventies.

Oh, they also do a killer version of “The Imperial March.”  Check out the awesome fan photoshop-ography:

*I just want to note that I did not have one of those lame sell-out themed Bat Mitzvah parties, and that the subject of my Bat Mitzvah was, indeed, commitment to Judaism, not a kung-fu/Hollywood/princess themed party.   I was committed and part of that commitment was NO LAME JUVENILE THEME PARTY.  However, I loved Star Wars when I was thirteen, and my mother had to get it into the mix somehow.

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