35 Days to Dragon*Con: Joss Whedon Should Direct Musicals Part I



Now to get to it.  I, like you, love Joss Whedon.  And I, maybe not like you, love me some musicals.  This means that the musical oeuvre of Joss Whedon will receive not one, but three days on the Countdown to Dragon*Con blogtacular epic of fun and happiness.  Also, because it is musical week, and because I can do what I want.

Thus, we launch into a three-part respect-a-thon of Joss’ musical ouevre starting with the so-called Buffy Musical aka Once More, With Feeling from season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So this is fun: a tap-dancing demon played by Hinton Battle comes to Sunnydale and causes everyone to periodically burst into song.  And not just song but awesomely choreographed song.  And occasional harmonies.  Like so:

See?  That was fun.

However, these songs also cause people to reveal their innermost secret feelings, such as:

A) Hi best friends you douchebags totally pulled me out of Heaven and life sucks thanks for making me be the Slayer again fuck.

B) Buffy I want to do you a lot because I am in love with you stop tormenting me with your pretty blonde hair.

C) Oh I love my girlfriend Lilith Fair metaphors except she totally keeps screwing with my mind with MAGIC and making me forget things dammit Willow.

D) Nobody loves me because I am a useless character who always gets in trouble.

E) I am scared to get married to my psycho ex-demon fiance.

F) I need to stop babying the Slayer.

G) So how are we all supposed to remain friends when all we do is lie to each other?

H) Planning theory Scooby montage bunnies!

Isn’t that a clever plot device?  Singing makes everyone be forward with each other?  Also, there is a rock solo about the terrifying nature of bunnies.  Brilliant.

Also, youtube, how am I supposed to post videos for my readers when all you have to offer me are horrible fan creations and montages?  Ick.

Once More, With Feeling demonstrates Joss’ ability to take the seemingly low brow (jazz handsy musical) and meld it with the quirky (vampire slaying as metaphor for the trials and tribulations of young adulthood) to create genius.  This will be a trend over the next few days.  If you are a Buffy fan, you have probably watched this episode twenty million times and may even know the music by heart maybe if you aren’t crazy (cough cough).  If you aren’t a Buffy fan get thee to a Netflix queue and rent the show right now.

The End.

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