Month: July 2010

37 Days to Dragon*Con: Thriller

So, this one’s pretty self-explanatory.  Michael Jackson.  Zombies.  Michael Jackson dancing with zombies.  Last year at Dragon*Con an attempt was made to break the world record of the most people dancing the “Thriller” dance at one time.  I don’t think the record was broken but still, fun times.

Anyhow.  Reminisce.  Nostalgia.  Woo.  Enjoy.

38 Days to Dragon*Con: California Love

In late 1995, 2Pac (Tupac Shakur for those of you who did not come of age in the 90s) released the song “California Love,” featuring Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman.  Two(!!!) music videos were filmed, both directive by Hype Williams, and released.  If you are lucky you can watch them back to back, like so:

As fun as it is that there are TWO MUSIC VIDEOS for this song, we are really here to talk about the first one, which is MAD MAX THEMED Y’ALL.  So, California is like, post-apocalyptic, and stuff, and there are these two rival tribal groups.  The Evil Tribe is led by George Clinton of P-Funk (amazing!) and the Good Tribe is led by Chris Tucker pre-Ruby Rhod which, yes.  Also, it is shot in the Thunderdome set, how cool is that?

So basically there is some rescuing of some hot womenz, some riding through the sand on crazy all-terrain videos, some rhyming, some explosions, etc.  And then, in the second version, it is shown that this was ALL A DREAM and that Dr. Dre is having a party and so we get to go with 2Pac to this party.

This was so middle school dance y’all.  Trust me.

39 Days to Dragon*Con: Oh, Sookie

Hi guys!  This week is going to have a lot of MUSIC VIDEOS, because we all love MUSIC VIDEOS.  So this will be pretty great, I think.

Since it is Sunday, the day of the True Blood, we will start with this brilliant tribute, courtesy of Snoop Dogg:

How amazing is that?!  Snoop Dogg loves True Blood so much that he writes a song about it!  Okay, so maybe he loves Sookie Stackhouse/Anna Paquin, but whatever, same difference. This video is bangin’ y’all: the actual True Blood set, dancing Merlottes waitresses, vampy video vixens (alliteration!).   Also, TRU NUTZ.  AMAZING.  Seriously, package that NOW.  And how about those lyrics?!  Let us analyze the perfection:

What’s happenin’ Sookie
It’s Snoop Dogg
I’m only in Bon Temps for one day
Come close baby
I’m the Dogg that don’t bite
Woof, woof

See, here Snoop Dogg is saying that he has minimal time to spare, and that he will not bite like a dog (Sam/Alcide) or a vampire (Bill/Eric).  Although, Sookie seems to have an attraction to supes, so maybe he should play up some of his skillz.

So hop in my jet
Try to read my mind
You might get wet
Choose big or lose big
I know all the spots
Then order you a gin and juice at Merlotte’s

Check the subtle metaphors, y’all.

See Sookie
You should come try some of this
You know I get more pussy than your brother
Oh yeah and bring a friend
Matter fact bring your best friend, Tara
I got some real eggs for her to eat
And these eggs come with a whole lot of cheese and grits

And check the references to the show!  Snoop Dogg is a bigger pimp than Jason (fact)!  Tara likes eggs, get it?!  Oh Snoop Dogg, you’re so clever.

40 Days to Dragon*Con: Steampunk Disney

Earlier this spring the masterful Disney dream team created a new vision for the Disney characters:  STEAMPUNK.

The Mechanical Kingdom!  How clever is that?!  I love Disney Imagineers, they are the smarts.   You can read about the conception and the artist Mike Sullivan here.

So these little characters are sold as pins separately, or you can get the big fancy set with a big fancy book.  Supposedly they’ll be making vinyl figures (Vinylmation!) versions of these little buddies, and once they all their Steampunk vinyls are belong to me.

So, I’m not sure this artist was aware of the Disney classic characters Steampunkery, but some creative person at DeviantArt decided to Steampunk up the Disney Princesses:

Okay left to right: Jasmine, Snow White, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Ariel, and that princess from The Princess and the Frog whose name I do not know.  These are totally fun, although I’m not sure the Disney crew would approve of Ariel having no pants.

41 Days to Dragon*Con: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer

I don’t care that this is old news and everyone and their mother has watched it a million times.  This trailer is epic and it is awesome and the two movies will be epic and awesome although I wish the wait time between them were a little less intense.  The question is which two-part film adaptation of the last book in a wildly successful fantasy series will do better: Harry Potter or Twilight?  Well I’ll say this much for Harry Potter, at least there is no placenta biting.

Anyhow, here’s the trailer, so you can watch it for the seventh time after donning your Gryffindor robes and while waving around your wand and your mug of butterbeer.  Enjoy, and happy Friday!