32 Days to Dragon*Con: Captain Benjamin Sisko

This past week I finished re-watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9.  This, mind you, is my favorite of all the Star Treks.  The fact that it takes place on a station rather than a ship enables the show to break beyond the alien-of-the-week format and to explore MAJOR THEMES.  Like: genocide, religious fanaticism, secret government organizations, ideas of the divine, intergalactic war, alien clones, aliens with slugs in their bodies, and the importance of the Bajoran nose-wrinkle.  Amazing.

One of the best parts of the series is Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko, who is also the Bajoran Emissary to the Prophets, who is also TOTALLY CRAZY.   Avery Brooks is a great actor, and also a fan of the dramatic gesture, as is evidenced in this awesome montage below:

Look!  He destroys the livability of a planet!  He gets hit by a cab!  He tries to poison Dukat!   He shoots lasers at the earth!  He exists in my mind!  He created the universe, AND IT IS REAL!

So a bit of silly and clever fan editing makes it look as though Sisko destroyed the station, but that’s all silliness.  Mainly, this is important because Sisko is important.

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