24 Days to Dragon*Con: Neon Genesis Evangelion Pullip Dolls

In high school I watched a lot of anime series, and one of my favorites was Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This is the series opener.  The song is called “Cruel Angel’s Thesis.”  The series is fairly trippy, but basically it is about a Japan that has rebuilt from a huge trauma that was caused by an angel.  Really.  And other angels are coming to continue this destruction, and only giant mechas robots (called EVAS) piloted by super special children can stop coming apocalypse.  The series is super heavy, with lots of random sexual and religious themes, and a lot of blood and destruction and people screaming.  Oh, and some cloning.  The series ends with this hyper-long episode where everyone’s souls turn into little flying crosses and (maybe?) escape into the cosmos.  Something like that.

So there is this line of Korean dolls called Pullip and Friends, and they are great, truly great.  Beautiful ball jointed dolls with funky hair and eyes and costumes.  And two of the Pullip dolls from the 2008 line are characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion:

So this is Rei Ayanami.  She has great blue hair and great red eyes.  She is also the pilot of the EVA prototype.  Since it is a prototype Rei’s battles usually end with a lot of screaming and blood.  She also looks suspiciously like the dead mother of the series’ male protagonist.  Also, she’s holding the Lance of Longinus.  You know, the one from that whole Crucifixion thing.

This is Asuka Langley.  She’s half-German, half-Japanese.  She pilots EVA 02, and is sort of psychotic, and has major emotional problems, because her mom had major emotional problems.

Pullip Dolls = Love and Neon Genesis Evangelion = Love. Therefore Pullip Dolls + Neon Genesis Evangelion = Supreme Love.

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