23 Days to Dragon*Con: The Legend of Neil

The Legend of Neil: Another really fantastic, really hilarious web series, not as subtle and intellectual(ish) as The Guild but totally out of this world bonkers.

Okay so the premise:

Neil is a loser living in New Jersey who has a shitty job and just lost his girlfriend.  One day he is playing The Legend of Zelda (old school) when he decides to masturbate to the fairy in the game (because she is kind of hot) and then he auto-erotic asphyxiates himself with the control, but then he passes out, and then he wakes up in the game y’all.  He wakes up.  As Link.

So now Neil/Link has to save Zelda and deal with assholes like Old Man vs. Ooooold Man and he is also periodically distracted by a hot nympho-fairy played by Felicia Day.  Also of The Guild, which makes sense because one of the producers of The Legend of Neil is Zaboo of The Guild.

So this series is hysterical and the third season is starting today!  Hooray!  But I’ll get you started with episode 1, season 1.

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