22 Days to Dragon*Con: Brandon Bird

Brandon Bird is an artist who does magical drawings and paintings.  The drawings and paintings are done in a realistic, naturalistic style, and while I don’t think they’ll see much museum time, I’d love for them to have on-my-wall time.

This is Brandon Bird’s website.  O hai Christopher Walken.

And these are some of his many masterpieces:

The Death of Jennifer Sisko

This is a detail of The Death of Jennifer Sisko, a dramatic painting that deals with the human themes of death, tragedy, determination in the face of adversity.

No One Wants to Play Sega With Harrison Ford

A study of loneliness, and betrayal.

A Bad Day on the High Seas

Chaos. Betrayal. Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Giant Squid.  Whale.

I hope these masterpieces have whetted your appetite.  Check Brandon Bird’s website for glories untold, and much entertainment.

2 thoughts on “22 Days to Dragon*Con: Brandon Bird

  1. Team McLeod loveeees us some Brandon Bird. We have ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’ framed in our second bedroom with future plans involving a ‘Leisure Time with Mr. Rollins’ tattoo for Collin.
    I can’t wait.

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