21 Days to Dragon*Con: Game of Thrones

Three weeks to Dragon*Con!  Dance!  Glory!

Today’s treat is the teaser trailer for HBO’s series, Game of Thrones.  The show is based on George R.R. Martin’s incredible Song of Ice and Fire series: four books of sheer utter awesomeness that has been, unfortunately, stalled for something like five years.  You see, the series is far from finished, and George R.R. Martin is, how shall we say, an older gentleman, and as far as I can tell the fifth book, A Dance of Dragons, is no where near being published.  I really cannot express how sad this makes me.

Anyhow, Song of Ice and Fire takes place in a Medieval-ish space called Westland that is composed of seven different regions united under one king.  There is also a land across the ocean but as in most might and magic series that land is presented super-mysteriously and like a combination of all the stereotypes of Asia and Africa.  Also, it must be noted, this series is much more might than magic thought there is a magical component that seems like it will be more fully detailed IF THE SERIES IS EVER FINISHED GRRARRRR.

So naturally, the series more or less deals with the turmoil in Westland according to kings and thrones and inheritance and there is a lot of blood and death and oh yes, twincest.

So here’s the teaser trailer.  Supposedly this will happen sometime in 2011.  The cast is fairly rockin’, especially Peter Dinklage as the dwarf Tyrion Lannister.  Roxor.

Oh P.S. I’ll be in Boston for the next few days but hopefully this won’t effect my posting.  Word.

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