Day: August 14, 2010

19 Days to Dragon*Con: David Bowie

I really wanted to have David Bowie on this countdown, because he likes costumery and fun, and I enjoy him as a musician and a spectacle of humanity.  I cannot, however, arbitrarily slap down a David Bowie post.  There has to be some connection to the wide theme of nerd-dom and Dragon*Con and fan-ocity.

And then it occurred to me: Labyrinth, duh.

Oh yes.

This is David Bowie as Jareth, The Goblin King, from Jim Henson’s 1986 film Labyrinth.  The film was about a young girl, played by Jennifer Connelly and her as-yet-untamed eyebrows, who wishes that goblins kidnap her baby brother, and when they do she has to travel Jareth’s scary maze to save her brother.  Some crazy puppets happen.  Also, awesome songs, courtesy of David Bowie:

Um, so, basically David Bowie spends most of the movie strutting around in high boots and high wigs and tight pants that may or may not show off his package.  Also, eye makeup.  Also, his fantastic sneer.  Also, this great number (probably my favorite in the movie) where he enchants Jennifer Connelly and her eyebrows during a really macabre super-awesome masquerade ball:

We’re not going to talk about OSCAR WINNER Jennifer Connelly’s not-so-Oscar worthy acting.  She was super young, her eyebrows were working against her, and I imagine that being in the presence of DAVID BOWIE would make anyone look shock- and-awed.

Allright, mission accomplished, Bowie has been utilized.  And just for fun, here’s a clip from Flight of the Conchords! Labyrinth AND space.  Double trouble.