17 Days to Dragon*Con: Robots that Look Like People

Behold, a survey of robots that look like hot people (as in, hawt people):

Six, from Battlestar Galactica, Caprica Six to be exact

Tricia Helfer as Cylon model Six, from the great great great series (until the finale which we do not discuss) Battlestar Galactica.  She sort of epitomizes the hot robot discussion.

Cylon Model 3, D'Anna Biers

Oh, ‘sup Lucy Lawless.  What?  You’re a Cylon too?  Rockin’.

So I know I have posted no male Cylons yet, and this is because the only hot (hawt) male Cylon is part of the final five, and I don’t want to spoil those who have not yet watched this series.

So instead, we jump to Star Trek: Voyager, which I think sort of started the hot robot trend:

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Okay, okay, I know a Borg isn’t technically a robot but come on; this is such an obvious pandering to the adolescent male fan base of Star Trek, and borgs are part robots, so they (mostly) count.


Rachel (Sean Young, failure of a career) and Pris (Daryl Hannah, better career) as hot replicants (robots that look like people!) in Bladerunner.  Rachel is more of the femme fatale, Pris is more of the psycho makeup, thigh-lock around your neck type.


All right, I know, there aren’t any men on this list, but I really think that the list of hot robots that are men is sort of limited.  And most of them involve spoilers (although if you haven’t seen Bladerunner then that is your problem.  Harrison Ford is attractive AND A REPLICANT.  Sorry.)

Okay, to make my point, here are the two robot men that came to mind immediately, neither particularly attractive:

The Cyborg of Cloud City

Data, obviously, played by Brent Spiner


So at this point one could maybe conjecture that the fact that most attractive robots that look like people are women says something about how women are still viewed as property blah blah etc. but this is not a feminist theory blog y’all.  So if you want to go into gender politics regarding robots that resemble people then please, be my guest.  For now, I’m going to ponder the theoretical marvel that is Six’s red dress.

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