12 Days to Dragon*Con: Good-Bad Movies, Good-Bad Musicals

So this post is inspired both by yesterday’s Rocky Horror homage and my learning at Venice Little Theater, way back near my hometown of Sarasota, is doing a production of Evil Dead the Musical.

Yes!  There is a musical version of Sam Raimi’s horror-schlock classic!  I haven’t been lucky enough to see it, but evidently there is a blood splash zone.  Also, clever songs such as these:

Um, youtube is full of lots of videos of community theaters doing the musical, but I did find this jaunty montage of the original production:

Like, ohmygod y’all, how fun does that look?!

About a year and a half ago I saw the musical adaptation of The Toxic Avenger, which I believe is a Troma film from way back some time ago.  Since it is not nearly as well known as The Evil Dead: Basically a nerdy man gets dipped in his Jersey town’s toxic waste garbage plant and he comes out a big gross super mutant who takes revenge upon polluters while wooing the local hot blind librarian.  This is what happens in the musical, evidently the movie is a bit less political.  Also, Nancy Opal is in it, and in one scene she plays two characters having a conversation with each other, she is so fierce.

Also, a Carrie Musical happened in 1988.  Yes, a Carrie musical.  Betty Buckley plays the mom y’all.  She sings this crazy song to called “Eve Was Weak” before shoving Carrie into the Jesus Closet.

This musical was pretty much a failure so documentation is scarce.  But man, fierce.

Broadway is nerd-friendly too.

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