Day: August 25, 2010

8 Days to Dragon*Con: Scott Pilgrim

I just finished reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel, which means I can now see the movie.  I actually enjoyed the series a lot more than I thought I would, all things considered.  I don’t really understand the trend of slacker-loser-forgetful-early 20-something man-child as hero but evidently that’s what the ladies want today, or maybe?  Anyhow, despite that the series is quite fun to read, and sort of filled with tons of little references regarding hipster glee, etc.

I also have some qualms about the casting of Michael Cera as the lead in the movie (even though much of the rest of the cast–sup Anne from Arrested Development!–is awesome).  I don’t get his charm either, but who knows.

I predict that there will be tons of Ramonas and Roxys and Leagues of Evil Exes wandering around Con.  A super-easy costume to make, after all.

So, yes, go read the graphic novels, and I’ll go check out the movie.  Here’s the trailer!