Day: August 27, 2010

6 Days to Dragon*Con: Regretsy Things That Are Not Steampunk

So while dancing around and trying to finalize my costume (6 DAYS OMFG) I stumbled upon this hilarious Regretsy feature, Things That Are Not Steampunk.

So, here are some things that are not remotely Steampunk:

One cannot Steampunk with this cat.

One cannot Steampunk with this hat (though this hat is fairly baller in its own right).

Maybe baby?  Sorry, no Steampunk.

Jesus is so not Steampunk.  Especially on a clock, with a lamb.

Anyhow, six days, time to totally get cracking, brush out my wig, and not buy anything else on Etsy (because I totally did buy some costume stuff on Etsy).