Day: August 29, 2010

4 Days to Dragon*Con: My Costumes Part II

I know that y’all are dying to hear about my second costume.  Just dying.  Well, here’s where it is from:

Yes, I am doing a Repo costume.

Now just to be clear, I know this is a terrible movie.  Like, dreadful.  Even though Anthony Stewart Head aka GILES FROM BUFFY is in it.  And I mean, it is a musical, but clearly written by someone who has no concept of what makes an excellent musical.  The plot is some convoluted dystopian future blah blah where organ failure is an epidemic but some company called GeneCo makes organ replacements and SAVES EVERYONE.  If you are late paying for your organs, however, a REPO MAN will come and tear the organs from your warm body.  Mm, bloody.  Also, there is a subplot involving drug use.  And the main character is Alexis Vega from Spy Kids.  It totally makes no sense whatsoever.

However, there was something about the aesthetic of Sarah Brightman’s (ick ick ick I really dislike her what can I say) Blind Mag character that I just could not shake.  So I bought some gray colored contacts to approximate her mechanical eyes, and I got a long black wig, and I commissioned someone (Nancy aka Hemlock Emporium who hangs out at Davenport & Winkleperry, all of this is excellent btw) to make the dress from this scene:

I know, I know, the color is super washed out, and the whole thing is sort of blurry, but basically it is a cool black hooded dress with a patterned fabric and my version of it looks awesome.  I am super-de-duper excited.

Anyhow, you don’t need to rush out and see Repo: The Genetic Opera! It is a totally lame film, and I just like it because it is super gothy.  Just like the sixteen year old inside of me.

Oh, hey, but this song’s kind of ridiculous.  And PARIS HILTON is in it.  I neglected to mention her role in the movie.

Oh, this isn’t bad either.  Also, GILES.  Oh Giles, I have such a crush on you.