2 Days to Dragon*Con: Warhammer 40K

So this is what Jon has been doing for the last few months, he told me to write about it for 2 Days (!!!) to Dragon*Con:

Allright. So. Warhammer 40K involves the painting of lots of miniature figures to create armies, and then you battle these armies on a tabletop.  A tabletop of war.  That is all I can really say about it because I have never witnessed a game myself.  Anyhow, here are some figures:

Boooooom war!

So Jon paints several armies, but the best are the Tyranids.  They look like um, super-rabid crazy alien velociraptors, which is really exciting.

Um, there’s a song too, but you are not privy to it.

Jon also wanted me to show you an actual tabletop playing field.  This is pretty impressive:

So, yes, that’s Warhammer 40K.  People do play this at Dragon*Con, by the way, but I think Jon will just be an observer, not a participant.  Also, free painting session!  Fun times!

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