Month: August 2010

7 Days to Dragon*Con: Lando Gets His Due

At this point we are ONE WEEK AWAY people, and I am just posting items that I find hilarious and/or interesting and/or superfly because this has been going on for 43 days and at this point I just want Dragon*Con to happen already.

In honor of this sentiment I present to you: The Blackstar Warrior.

Lando totally deserves his own blaxsploitation film, no question.

8 Days to Dragon*Con: Scott Pilgrim

I just finished reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel, which means I can now see the movie.  I actually enjoyed the series a lot more than I thought I would, all things considered.  I don’t really understand the trend of slacker-loser-forgetful-early 20-something man-child as hero but evidently that’s what the ladies want today, or maybe?  Anyhow, despite that the series is quite fun to read, and sort of filled with tons of little references regarding hipster glee, etc.

I also have some qualms about the casting of Michael Cera as the lead in the movie (even though much of the rest of the cast–sup Anne from Arrested Development!–is awesome).  I don’t get his charm either, but who knows.

I predict that there will be tons of Ramonas and Roxys and Leagues of Evil Exes wandering around Con.  A super-easy costume to make, after all.

So, yes, go read the graphic novels, and I’ll go check out the movie.  Here’s the trailer!

9 Days to Dragon*Con: Sweeney Todd or, My Costumes Part I

We have officially hit the single digits re: Dragon*Con.  And yes, you read the above title correctly.  I will not have just a (singular) costume but instead several (plural) costumes (plural).  Two, to be exact.

So, no surprise y’all, I love Stephen Sondheim with all my heart.  And while Tim Burton doesn’t inspire in me the same maniacal fervor, I was still pretty stoked when Tim Burton decided to make a movie of my favorite Stephen Sondheim musical.  Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is absolutely Stephen Sondheim’s masterpiece and I remember that it exploded my mind my sophomore year of undergrad, when I listened to it obsessively.

That is the opening number from the original Broadway production, was back in 1979.  The original cast had Len Cariou as the title role and the amazing Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Lovett (and Victor Garber at Anthony!  Crazy!)  By the time PBS decided to film and broadcast the production, however, Len Cariou had been switched out for George Hearn–who I personally think is better, because Len Cariou is more of a classic silky baritone whereas George Hearn really infuses the role with smoldering fury.  Anyhow, like I said, this is the opening number, and if you are only familiar with the Tim Burton movie you will not recognize this number because TIM BURTON CUT OUT ALL INSTANCES OF THE VOCALIZED VERSION OF “THE BALLAD OF SWEENEY TODD” WTF TIM BURTON HOW DARE YOU.

I mean, otherwise, the movie was fine.  Better than fine, I was really pleasantly surprised, and even the comical amount of gore and blood spatter didn’t shock me.  I thought the cast was uniformly well chosen, even if Helena Bonham-Carter had the wrong voice for the role of Mrs. Lovett.  Which leads me to the purpose of this post:

Yes I am doing a Mrs. Lovett Costume and yes it is the Helena Bonham-Carter version not the Angela Lansbury (or Patti Lupone) version.  Yes I bought a big Victorian skirt and a weird blouse off of Etsy and I am pairing it with some stuff from my own closet as well as a rolling pin that I need to make look blood-stained.  I feel that it will be awesome.

So yeah, that will happen.  I’m fairly excited.  Check in later this week to learn more about THE SECOND COSTUME.  9 days 9 days 9 days…

10 Days to Dragon*Con: The Wheel of Time

10 days 10 days 10 days 10 days.

Confession: I’ve been reading The Wheel of Time since last January.  I’m on the 10th book now, The Crossroads of Twilight.  I’m not really sure what to make of the series because I’ve hit that point where it is lagging and burdened by its details and Robert Jordan didn’t know how to edit and people didn’t want to edit a dying man’s words.  I know, that’s mean, but I do believe that that is why the books go downhill from book 7/8 onward.  The world is super rich and wonderful but man, the plot, it is just lagging now.

So evidently Brandon Sanderson, the ghostwriter type who took over after Robert Jordan died, is much better and the books have picked up with book 12.  But I’m not there yet, I’m on Book 10, forever and ever.

Maybe I’ll be on book 11, The Knife of Dreams, by the time I head down to Atlanta?  Maybe?  Brandon Sanderson is supposed to be there.  Good times.

So, yes, blah blah Rand al’Thor, Aes Sedai, blah blah, 10 DAYS!!!

11 Days to Dragon*Con: Klingon Rhapsody

A really self explanatory title.

Some people a super obsessed with Klingons.  Some people go in full Klingon makeup to Dragon*Con.  And some people dress up in full Klingon gear for funsies and make “Bohemian Rhapsoy” videos.  Honor’s all that matters.

So I saw the above video at Dragon*Con last year.  And while searching for it I found something mixing Frasier and Klingons and I was all, “huh?!”

That.  Was.  Awesome.  Frasier blessed his son in Klingon at his son’s Bar Mitzvah.  I really don’t think that Klingon and Hebrew sound the same, but who knows.

Anyhow, Klingons are ridiculous.  Just saying.