Day: February 23, 2011


Hi y’all,

So some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes will be happening around here.  I’m trying to find a new theme that I love.  I’m not sure this one is it but it enables me to have a nifty background that I can change with the seasons.  More on the particular background in a future post.

I’m also, as I said earlier, going to endeavor to post more frequently and this time I mean it y’all I really do.  Since my professional life is at a stand still I am trying to make progress in other parts of my life.  I’m getting to the gym five-six times a week and I think I should try to blog at least as much if not more.  I can blog regularly if I have something obvious about which to write (ie: New York City, Dragon*Con countdown) but I feel that my life really can’t be that boring.  And also sometimes I make witty pop cultural references and I am sure y’all are dying to hear them.

So sit tight.  Maybe I will wow you with some puns or the revelation that Eric Stoltz was supposed to be Marty McFly but is now just Daniel Greystone (rest in peace, Caprica) and an occasional director of Glee.  Wait, everyone knew that already?  Blergh.

Your Mom’s a Pleasure Barge

No joke, I’m a fan of a good “your mom.”  And I’m really a fan of the above “your mom,” which I coined yesterday while discussing Jabba the Hutt with Jon.

Jon plays Warhammer 40K and he acquired these new vehicles that look a bit like the speeders from Return of the Jedi.  You know, the ones that hovered above the Pit of Sarlaac.

Vagina dentata.


Anyways, since I am five I was immediately all: “YOUR MOM’S A PLEASURE BARGE” which I then realized was a stroke of brilliance because it covers so many bases.  IE: Your mom’s a big ho, but she’s also a big fatty, and I also was on her last night.

I mean what did you want, your daily zen?