Day: March 6, 2011

Girl Talk/All Day

I am pretty much 100% in love with Girl Talk’s newest album, All Day.  Sheer joy, y’all.  So many high points: the mash up of “Get Low” and “Cecelia,” the random introduction of that song about wishing about being taller, baller, girl caller etc., “In Your Eyes,” “Swag,” I mean, so much goodness.  I keep meaning to have a Girl Talk/All Day dance party but I don’t really know anyone who dances.  Do you dance?

Speaking of dancing, some creative types in New York City are planning to do an entire video of actual trained dancers dancing to All Day on the Staten Island Ferry.  That is so cool y’all.  Here’s the trailer.

And here’s the NYTimes article explaining this project.

This makes me want to dance, y’all.

Oh and here’s a particularly rockin’ sample from All Day if, forever whatever absurd reason, you have not yet heard it.

Happy Birthday Will Eisner!

So Google is awesome and this is their homepage today:

Will Eisner would have been ninety-four today.  Since I wrote my master’s thesis on a graphic novel I feel that I owe him a major league shout out.  The wonderful Scott McCloud also writes a lovely homage on Google’s blog.

Yay and thanks Will Eisner!