Guess what guys?  I watch RuPaul’s Drag Race (big surprise right?)  I started about halfway through this season and became hooked because I, like Margaret Cho, was raised by drag queens, much as some are raised by wolves.

When I started watching my favorite contestant was immediately Raja, who I recognized because she is also Sutan, who was a makeup artist on that other less awesome diva reality show competition, America’s Next Top Model.

So this is Raja and these are some of Raja’s amazing looks:

What an impressive tuck!
Raja in Carrie White drag, with an amazing pig's blood hat. Amazing.

And, the best, Raja’s (SPOILER) VICTORY MONTAGE (Yes, Raja won the show! Yay!)

The many emotions of victory.

So there are lots of other amazing pictures of America’s current reigning drag superstar on this wonderful tumblr, fyeahraja.

Raja’s the best y’all.  She has the walk, she has the style, she has the high fashion.  She’s no sprepper, she’s a Heather!  Mazel tov Raja!

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