On Funemployment (201st Post Y’all!)

Since I’ve been funemployed for over a month I figured I owed y’all an update.

So what have I been doing?  Watching the season finales of all my favorite shows, watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the travel channel, and reading, namely the Malazan: Book of the Fallen series but I am also plowing through The Hunger Games because with all the pop coverage of the film and its casting I didn’t want to get spoiled.  I’ve also been going to the gym regularly and attempting to cut my carbs, because I could really use less carbs.

Oh, I’ve also been applying for lots of museum jobs and even going on an interview or two!  But y’all don’t really want to hear about that.

I have done some traveling.  I went to sunny Sarasota for a few days, and then I went to Charlotte for a few days, and then I went to Colorado for awhile and that was really beautiful.  I saw my sister and my cousin in 42nd Street at the Midtown Arts Center in Fort Collins, Colorado.  A lovely production, and I love seeing my sister perform (and was happy to finally see my cousin perform!) but I’ve seen 42nd Street far too many times y’all.  I also spent a little bit of time in Denver (lovely art museum) and Boulder (lovely place) and then I saw some snow covered mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I also ate some mountain style pizza at BeauJos, which is basically a slab of thick carbs with some cheese and toppings, and then you tear off the giant crust and dip it in honey.  It isn’t a Neapolitan pie by any means, but I enjoyed it as a treat.  Did I mention I’m trying to cut carbs?

Additionally, we found some delicious barbecue at Smokin’ Daves in Estes Park, which is the little touristy mountain town leading into Rocky Mountain National Park.  Since there were five of us we were able to order the giant six-person sampler, complete with ribs, Carolina style pulled pork, brisket, and a whole chicken.  Also, four sides, some rolls, and some Texas toast.  Surprisingly great barbecue for  a tourist town in Colorado.

Also in Estes Park: The Stanley Hotel, which was Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining.  He even wrote some of the book there, in room 217.  The hotel was built in the early 1900s and still retains that antiqued feel.  We wandered the lobby and the ghost tour meeting area.  Evidently there is a resident psychic.  Anyways, redrum y’all.

People who live in Colorado love Colorado and will proclaim this to anyone who will listen.  While I thought Colorado was beautiful it felt extremely isolating to me and I prefer to be on Eastern Standard Time, because I can’t handle my tv not being on when I expect it.  I’m an East Coast girl at heart, alas.

So since I’ve been back I’ve been doing the aforementioned activities: gym, read, tv, job search.  I’ve cleaned house some.  Dexter the cat is happy to have a parent home all day.  I really want to get some patio furniture, and a grill, and start a small herb garden on the patio, but that will all have to wait until I have a job.  Which will hopefully be soon.

In the meantime I should make an effort to blog more because I’m not doing much else!  And since this is my 201st post (wooooo!) I should totally be all about more posting.  Fingers crossed?  Sure.

PS: Just getting excited about the 201st post because I don’t think I mentioned my 200th post so, there you go!)

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