The Parlour

So unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably know that food trucks are having a moment, and that moment has officially reached the Triangle.  I love me some food trucks but don’t often frequent them because the food usually doesn’t follow that whole “eat-healthy” lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, burgers and pizza are totally delicious but I don’t want a heart attack at fifty.

Despite my non-frequency in terms of visiting food trucks, I follow a number of the local ones on Facebook and Twitter.  I also like to add new ones as they come along, just in case they are ever in my vicinity and I am feeling like clogging my arteries.

The Triangle has a brand-spanking new addition to its food truck scene, a school bus turned ice cream truck called The Parlour.  I saw, via the wonder of Facebook, they were hanging out at the Wachovia on Main Street near East Duke Campus today and, despite being nowhere near downtown Durham, I decided to give them a try.  Ice cream, you see, is delicious, and definitely low-carb.  I mean, totally carb free, no carbs whatsoever right?  Right.

I pulled into the Wachovia parking lot around 3:30 today and it was, sadly, empty.  The Parlor is new and I am hoping that it picks up more business soon, especially at not-Motorco/Fullsteam type events, since food trucks seem to congregate there nowadays (I don’t go to these things because I am old and sit at home with my cat and my scrapbooking projects).  Anyways, I walked right up to the truck and placed as order for a scoop of Lyons Farms Strawberry and a scoop of Salted Butter Caramel.  The nice woman at the counter offered me the opportunity to taste, but I love me some caramel ice cream and thing that strawberry is a good judge of ice cream making prowess.

Well, y’all, was the ice cream good?  Worth a drive from Chapel Hill?  Absolutely.  The strawberry was a great strawberry, creamy, not too sweet, and actually tasting of fruit and not chemicals.  But the salted butter caramel, oh my goodness.  That was delicious, so creamy and such a nice blend of sweet and salty and even a hint of bitterness that was entirely welcome.  I could eat a whole pint of that caramel.  That was a winner.  I didn’t take any pictures of my concoction, as I was without camera, but if you want to see the ice cream and the bus you can check out the Facebook link given above or head to Carpe Durham’s review of the Parlor.

They also do milkshakes and toppings (next time I’ll get me some hot fudge on my ice cream, because one can never have too much chocolate, especially if it is hot fudge) and they have some vegan flavors if you are into that (but unless you are lactose intolerant WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU BE INTO THAT.  ICE CREAM IS DELICIOUS).  This is totally a welcome addition to the Triangle food truck scene, especially at the beginning of what looks to be a dreadfully hot summer!

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