Day: June 7, 2011

Hic Sunt Dracones: A Dragon*Con Anthology

Hi guys!  Remember how about a year and a half ago I wrote a really really long essay about my first Dragon*Con?  So that was published in a great online magazine called Thriller but now it has also been included in a fantastic anthology, Hic Sunt Dracones: Celebrating 25 Years of Dragon*Con.  You should totally read my article, if you haven’t, but more importantly you should give the anthology a read!  The project is Clare McBride’s, you can check her out at The Literary Omnivore, and she’s a winner for doing all this work!  Also, mazel tov to the other four fans whose essays are included: Nadline Palmer, Othello Morris, Kevin Stallard and Michael J. Winegar.  Each of them present really unique visions of Dragon*Con, and their passion as fans and for the convention really comes through their essays.

Here is the link to the anthology (just follow it through to Clare’s blog and from there it is a simple download!)  I hope that it gives you a glimpse into the brave new world of Cons and Con-goers!