30 Day Song Challenge: Day 5, A Song That Reminds You of Someone

I spent four weeks during the summer of 2007 traipsing around Europe with my friends Nora and Lindsey.  We spent a few days in Prague, and while in Prague we ended up spending an evening at a dubiously named Harley Davidson bar surrounding by a bunch of extremely Aryan German frat-ish boys and two British cousins.  One cousin was tall and thin and reedy.  One was short and Hobbit-y.  Both were in suits and were entertaining, and liked to sing along to the radio.  The shorter cousin also had a metal plate in his forehead, the result of a flesh-and-bone eating bacterial infection he had encountered as a child.  Or so he said.  The metal plate, however, was real.  He ensured that Nora and I rap our knuckles against it at least once.  Said metal-plated Hobbit also sang a song about Nora, set to the tune of the Kaiser Chief’s “Ruby.”  It was not a safe-for-work song either.  In the meantime, I present to you the original version of the Kaiser Chief’s “Ruby,” which will now and forever remind me of Nora and a British dude with a plate in his head.

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