Day: June 27, 2011

Golden Belt Third Fridays

If y’all haven’t been making regular visits to Golden Belt on their Third Friday events then you are definitely missing out.

It isn’t just the artists and their open studios, which are fantastic mind you (especially my friend Heather Gordon!  She’s the best!  And I’m not just saying that because she is my friend she is really the best.  Isn’t it nice when you can legitimately recommend your friend’s artistic endeavors, instead of just gritting your teeth through a friend’s mediocre band/film/theatrical performance.  Man, it is nice when your friend is legit talented, like Heather!  Also, Heather isn’t related to me, even though my name is Lindsay Heather Gordon and her name is Heather Gordon and we both went to UF.  It is just like, a thing, y’all).

Anyways, Golden Belt Third Fridays are a happening, y’all.  The most recent one, on June 17th, had three food trucks (Only Burger, Parlez-Vous Crepes, and The Parlour), the opening party for Dogstar Tattoo’s new location (read my coverage here!), a benefit for David Alsobrook’s New Neighbors, and a big reopening party for the newly relocated Scrap Exchange.  And this was all on top of the normal Third Friday open studio festivities.

Oh yeah, there were also some bands playing in honor of Dogstar Tattoo.  I mean, y’all, this was a happening.

I never got to the Scrap Exchange in their old, pre-monsoon location so was excited to finally visit it.  I think they are ideally situated at Golden Belt.  It is already such an artsy, creative community and it gets a lot of foot traffic.  I enjoyed scrounging about with my friends but I didn’t find any scrappy things that I was dying to have.  There were a number of events going on, however, including face painting and a cake walk.  Like a little carnival but surrounded by stuff.

Jo found a book with wallpaper scraps from Monticello. She was happy.
Life's a cake walk.

Anyways, between eating a fantastic burger from Only Burger, eating some great ice cream from The Parlour, stumbling around the Scrap Exchange, chatting with the artists in Golden Belt, and interviewing the Dogstar Folks for my Triangle ArtWorks article, it was quite a full evening!  I had a great time, I always do.  The events Golden Belt hosts really fosters a sense of community in the Durham cultural scene.  Golden Belt is such a fantastic Durham institution and if you haven’t visited you absolutely must go!  Especially on a Third Friday!

One last picture, dragon tattoo from Dogstar, for good measure!