Oh hey guys, I saw PRINCE

I cannot believe that I forgot to tell y’all about this, but back in March, I think the date was March 19th to be exact, I saw PRINCE.

Oh my lord guys Prince.

And look, someone made this time-stamped photo montage of “Purple Rain” from Purple Rain complete with the sunglasses-sad-face nod.  Yessss.

What is there to say about Prince that has not been said?  It is all true, he really is that good. he really does put on that fantastic of a show, in high heels, at age fifty-something, it is amazing.  He makes the panties come off, I am really surprised that all the women in the RBC center did not hurl their panties at Prince.  I was positive the lady behind me was going to have a heart attack; she kept screaming and whirling her handkerchief and screaming and, lordy.

I put on my best duds: purple shirt, raspberry beret (yes I legit own a raspberry beret, I might actually own two or three), purple scarf, etc.  I screamed and I sang along.  I was super-jealous of the folks in the expensive seats near the stage, because they got to go onstage and DANCE WITH PRINCE and cluster around his PURPLE PIANO oh, my heart.

That’s the stage, as you can see.  It is in the Prince shape.  And it has lights.  The lights turned purple for “Purple Rain” (duh) which was like a religious experience y’all.  Prince could have just played “Purple Rain” on repeat the whole night.  Oh, victory.

Yep.  Oh, by the way, Chaka Khan opened.  She was pretty fly too. But Prince, he’s the best, he still has it, if you have the opportunity to see him DO IT.  He’s one of the last great performers, and you won’t ever see showmanship quite like this.

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