Klausie’s Pizza

I few weeks ago I sampled Pie Pusher’s pizza (you can read about that here) and in it I mentioned the Triangle’s other pizza truck, Klausie’s.  I’d been to Klausie’s once but hadn’t had my camera with me.  Klausie’s usually hangs out in Raleigh and only swings by the Chapel Hill/Durham area for special events or when Duke is in session during the Spring and Fall.  Today, Klausie’s made a rare stop in the Chapel Hill area and I decided to take advantage of their location to re-sample their slices.

Klausie’s specializes in deep-dish, skillet-baked pizzas.  When I rolled up to their truck today I was the only one in line, but evidently they’d been greeted by an early rush of eager Chapel Hill eaters.  Klausie’s keeps an active Facebook and Twitter feed, so it is extremely easy to follow them.  I ordered two cheese slices and chatted with the owner, Michael Stenke, while waiting.  After a few minutes my slices were ready.  I’d brought a tupperware for transport (apparently I am not the only one to do this!) and was soon making the five minute drive back to the house to eat my food truck pizza.

Don't worry, I did not eat both of these slices, one was for Jon.

In Midwestern (I think) fashion, the sauce is on top of the cheese.  This might strike you as odd, but it really showcases the fresh, springy taste of the sauce.  I thought that Pie Pusher’s sauce was not as tasty as Klausie’s, and second tasting verified this memory.   The cheese is also good, mild but not too mild, and just as fresh tasting as the sauce.

As you can see, this is a deep-dish slice people.  I’m not usually a deep-dish lover, too bready for me, but this is a good crust.  Doughy and chewy and I daresay a little yeasty in the best possible way.  Also, fresh–it is not sitting around under a heat lamp, waiting to be eaten.  If you’re in the mood for a deep-dish, rectangular slice, you really can’t go wrong with Klausie’s.

They always have a pepperoni slice and also have slices with special toppings, which rotate depending on the day.  When I try I slice I like to stick to the basics, however, just to ensure that the basics are solid.

I know that there have been many debates about what is “real” pizza.  When I envision pizza I usually envision a New York Slice, but I’ve been lucky enough to eat all kinds of pizza.  I am not a purist and I am not a pizza philosopher: I will not tell you what “real” pizza is.  I love me a good Neapolitan pie.  I also love a classic New York Slice.  And I love a great, carby deep-dish slice.  Klausie’s absolutely fulfills that craving.  Keep an eye out for them on the streets!

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