A few weeks ago LivingSocial or Groupon or one of those sites ran a deal for Acme, a restaurant in Carrboro.  Acme is a consistently solid establishment: I have never had a mind-blowing meal here but I have also never been disappointed.  On this particular summer Friday Acme once again did not fail: we had a solid meal with solid service and we left satisfied.

We started with a great, summery appetizer of heirloom tomatoes and house made mozzarella.  This was a perfect dish y’all, I could have eaten it for the main course.  The tomatoes were perfect and juicy and the mozzarella was mild and creamy.  The dish was garnished with deviled eggs and a tasty basil pesto which we sopped up with the bread.  Summer is awesome.  Apologies for the dark photos–didn’t want to use the flash.

For the main course Jon got a steak with garlic mashed potatoes, all well done.  I had crab cakes with a succotash of kale, butternut squash, corn and tomatoes.  Really tasty all around.

We–or rather I since Jon isn’t a dessert person, sigh–ended with a brownie sundae.  Impossible to mess up, really.

Acme is a great place to go for a reliable good, fairly upscale meal.  A Carrboro institution one might say.  Y’all should check it out if you haven’t!

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