Day: July 28, 2011

Mountain City and the Snake

Friday morning we awoke refreshed and restored from the previous-day’s off-roading adventure.  A large and delicious breakfast cooked by Vikki (pictures here if you need your memory refreshed) fortified us for the day’s adventures.

We decided to drive to Bristol, on the border of Tennessee and Virginia, to visit the Bristol Caverns.  We headed there by way of Mountain City and decided to stop in the town for lunch.  Mountain City is one of those places that appears untouched by time and its center is a tiny Main Street where most of the stores only took cash.  One of the shopkeepers, whose antique store and real estate business occupied the same space, went on and on about how the town was stuck in the 1950s and how he loved it.  While the 1950s had plenty of charm, I’m sure, I’m very happy to be firmly planted in 2011. Credit card machines are good.  As is the internet.

The town was prepping for their annual Sunflower Festival, but we didn’t return to check it out.  Too many things to do!