4 Days at Dragon*Con, the Full Documentary

So during last year’s Dragon*Con Countdown I posted about a documentary called 4 Days at Dragon*Con. The documentary was filmed during Dragon*Con 2009 by some members of Atlanta’s PBS affiliate.  The special has aired on a few PBS affiliates around the country but it hadn’t aired here in Chapel Hill.  Luckily some kind soul posted it on the internet recently.  I spread the link via Facebook and then got on with my day, figuring I’d watch the documentary later that evening.

Then I get a message from Marc, one of my fellow Dragon*Coners.  Evidently Jon and I make an appearance in this Dragon*Con documentary.  At 36 minutes you can see our backs, bustling about in the Steampunk Dance Party.  But at 36 minutes, 10 seconds you get the money shot: a ridiculous series of rapidly edited shots of us dancing.  At this point I’ve probably watched it twenty times.  I have such geek pride.  I made it into the Dragon*Con documentary!

I distinctly remember the Steampunk Dance Party from 2009, by the way.  I remember seeing a camera on one side of the dance floor and thinking to myself, “BITCH, YOU BETTER WORK.”  I tore up that dance floor because I am a narcissist and I wanted to be on camera.  However, I thought it was a still camera (it was dark and I was a little drunk, what can I say) and I also figured it was just Dragon*Con staff documenting the convention for Dragon*Con’s website.  Oh how wrong I was–but how right of me to tear up the floor!  I’m a star y’all!

Here’s the link so you can watch the documentary: 4 Days at Dragon*ConYou should totally watch the whole thing, as it is only an hour, and a very entertaining hour at that.  However, if you just want to watch my moment of glory go ahead and fast-forward to about 36 minutes.  Then sit back and enjoy the victory.

Dragon*Con 2011, so soon y’all!

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