Month: July 2011

The Best Map of Westeros Ever

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I love George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series (and was pretty impressed by HBO’s adaptation of the first book but man, boobs!).

Anyways, the internet today showed me this amazing map by a man named Other-In-Law.  It is a crazy detailed map of Westeros, the main continent featured in Song of Ice and Fire.  So detailed y’all!

Okay I know that is tiny, but you can see a full-sized amazing, detailed image here.  Seriously, go do it!

Natalie Portman Names her Son “A”

Okay, so actually, Natalie Portman named her son Aleph.

For those of you who do not know what an Aleph is, here is an Aleph:

Oh wait you don’t know what that is?  That’s okay.  It is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet.  When we learn the Hebrew alphabet in Hebrew School we call it learning the “Aleph Bet” (get it, alphabet?)

If we make it a song then you'll totally remember all these weird symbols!

Anyways, Natalie Portman has basically named her kid “A.”  I mean, what if I named my hypothetical nonexistent kid “A”?  He’d get laughed off the playground, that’s what would happen.

You know what would be even better?  If I named my hypothetical kid “Alpha” (which is what Aleph morphed into, in Greek, I think).  Because then I could name my second hypothetical kid “Beta” and give said child a HUGE complex, because that child would never be the Alpha sibling.  Never ever.

Ungh, celebrities are so dumb guys.

A Reminder: Etsy Giveaway on Beryl Lynn

Just a reminder guys–The Great Etsy Giveaway over at Beryl Lynn is happening through Friday!  So head over to Beryl’s blog and check out all the great offerings!  It only takes a few seconds to enter and, who knows, maybe you will win a fantastic Etsy craft!

I’m especially loving the fabulous print by Sarah Ogren (the rest of her work is pretty rad too!) and the adorable business cards from Avie Designs.

Anyways, go to Beryl’s blog and enter by this Friday, July 8th!  Best of luck!

Movies That Make Me (or You) Cry

So today I was talking to my friend who was telling me about how last Saturday night he watched Brokeback Mountain with popcorn and cookies and beer with the lights off and he said he cried a lot.  Which, unsurprising guys, have you seen that movie?

Anyways, we then started talking about the film adaptation of Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club which is pretty much the most cry-ful movie in the history of ever.   If you have ever had any iota of an issue with your mother or your cultural upbringing or guilt about straying from the motherland ever (and if you have not ever had these issues then what the fuck are you, a robot?) then you will cry through this movie.  You will cry so much.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers because it is a fantastic movie but there is a lot of war and rape and suicide and infanticide and mother-daughter fights and mother-daughter reconciliations and some divorces that needed to happen and marriages that needed to happen and oh also a (SPOILER GUYS SPOILER SPOILER) reunion with LONG LOST FAMILY MEMBERS in CHINA and it is just really intense y’all.  Especially at the end with the (SPOILER GUYS SPOILERS) amazing reunion, I just lose it.  I’m a mess.


Etsy Giveaway on Beryl-Lynn

Over the next few days the lovely lifestyle blog Beryl Lynn is participating in an Etsy giveaway.  Today she has already posted about two great giveaways:  win a print from Studio Mela or win some business-style cards from Avie Designs.  Beryl will be posting other opportunities through July 8th, here’s a quick glimpse at what other goodies are available!  So head on over to her blog to enter (or just go to read and browse, it is an adorable blog!) and win yourself some great Etsy goods!