Month: August 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 Y’all!

Hi folks.   So tomorrow is the big day!  We are leaving at 7:30 in the morning (guh) which means I should probably be asleep right now.  I don’t think I will be updating this blog while I am in Atlanta, but I’ll try to update my Twitter (what, you aren’t following me yet?) and will of course be updating my Facebook.

If you want to see me I will be at a meet-up with some fitness-minded Con ladies near the Marriott Starbucks around 8:00 tomorrow.  I will also be in the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire parade group in Saturday’s parade, which starts at 10:00.  I also plan to attend the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire photo-shoot and meet-up at 4:30 on the 10th floor of the Marriott.  Otherwise I am very go with the flow!

I plan on looking like this on Friday:

And this on Saturday:

Minus the smile, of course, Melisandre doesn’t smile but all my “serious” photographs looked silly.

Not sure which of these costumes I’ll re-wear on Sunday.  Maybe both.  Anyways, if you see me roaming around the convention please say hello!  I always like to meet new people.  My name is Lindsay but if you go all “oh, hey you!” I might answer too.

So excited y’all!  I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend (oh yeah, football starts back up this weekend, I always forget that in the wake of the Con, GO GATORS!!) and I will update next week with fun stories from Dragon*Con!

Melisandre Makeup Test

So I am leaving for Dragon*Con crazy-early Thursday morning and only just now managed to do my test-run for Melisandre hair, makeup, and costume.  This is partly because the contacts didn’t arrive until last Friday (just in time!) and then I went to Charlotte for the weekend and then I picked up my costume in Raleigh on Sunday from Nancy (really just in time!) so this is the first time I’ve had all the parts together.

Red eyes y’all!  Look at my red contacts!  They are incredible in bright light and since I will be wearing this costume during the Dragon*Con parade I really think the effect is going to be fantastic.

The follow pictures are all just wig and makeup–some things need to be left as a surprise after all!


Fitness Test

I’ve been going to the Boot Camp class at my gym every Monday night since just before Memorial Day, minus the Mondays of Memorial Day and July 4th because there was no class on those days.

So, at Boot Camp last night, we did a fitness test. The instructor says she likes to do them several times a year, just to keep track of how she is progressing.  I know I’ve gotten harder/better/faster/stronger since starting the class, but this was the first time I was able to take stock and measure how I was doing.

Not me.

When I heard the words “fitness test” I immediately had a traumatic flashback of taking the Presidential Fitness Test back in elementary and middle school.  I always did terribly during that portion of the year in gym.  I wasn’t a particularly fit kid and I certainly couldn’t do a pull-up.  I also was (and am) a miserably not flexible person, and it was humiliating when the boys were more flexible than I was.  And the worst–the WORST–was the mile run.  One year I did decently enough on all the fitness tests to achieve the “National Award,” which is sort of an honorable mention for the not really fit kids.  The high point of that year was my jogging-walking a mile in under eleven minutes.  The track at Pine View was a quarter of a mile, and I still remember the shame of being lapped by those mutants who could run a six or seven minute mile.  GUYS!  Stop showing off.  Pine View is a school for the Intellectually Gifted, athletic prowess isn’t our thing so, you know, stop trying so hard.

Luckily the Boot Camp Fitness Test didn’t involve any mile runs, but pull-ups did happen.  Sigh.


I Love a Parade!

Dragon*Con has a parade that weaves through Atlanta Saturday morning, around 10:00.  I’ve never actually made it to the parade, due to a combination of sleeping in after staying up until 2:00 or 3:00 and the amount of time it takes me to get into costume in the morning.  This year I have decided to march in the parade with the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire group while wearing my Melisandre costume (makeup and wig test-run pictures sometime later this week!) I figure if I signed up to actually be in the parade then there would be no avoiding it.  This is Dragon*Con’s 25th anniversary and it is also the 10th anniversary of the parade, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to march.  I need to also note that I have never been in a parade, so there’s a first time for everything!

In honor of my marching in the Dragon*Con parade, here is a run down from some parades in my past.

When I was 8 or 9 I went to one of the many circus parades in Sarasota.  Sarasota started as a circus town and it used to be the winter home of the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus.  I do not know if this was an official Ringling Brothers parade or just one of the many in-town circuses having a parade (circus people breeding = many circuses!), but I do remember having a enjoyable time until the elephants joined the parade.  Elephants are majestic, awe-inspiring creatures until one takes a shit right in front of your parade-viewing spot.  I’d say that three or four elephants decided to void themselves right in front of my parade-viewing spot, making the rest of the parade an olfactory adventure.

Now imagine all of these guys pooing at once.