Day: August 2, 2011

Biking the Virginia Creeper Trail

What, you thought I was done recapping our mountain vacation?  No way, we did far too much for one week’s worth of posting.  However, I have reached the post chronicling our last adventure:  Biking the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Vikki suggested this activity as being incredibly fun, so we decided to take her word for it and try something that was (for us) a little different.  We drove about an hour to Damascus, Virginia, which is right over the Tennessee/Virginia border.  We headed to The Bike Station and they quickly got us fit onto our bikes (if you have to know they put me on the 14-inch framer, which is–aside from their child-sized bikes–the smallest size I have such stumpy legs sigh).  We then all piled into a van and The Bike Station people took us on a 45-ish minute ride up to the top of Whitetop Mountain.   This is one of the starting points of the Virginia Creeper Trail–the end point is 34 miles away in Abingdon, Virginia.  Damascus is right in the middle, a leisurely 17 mile downhill bike ride from the top of Whitetop Mountain.

Jon, excited to be on a bike.

The Virginia Creeper Trail used to be a railroad that “crept” its way through the woods and mountains and valleys between Whitetop and Abingdon.  After the railroad closed in the 1970s some nature-y folks ripped up the tracks and created a bike and horse trail that went through the gorgeous woods and mountains of Southwest Virginia.  The trail also goes through some national forest, some private property (backyards, really) and it intersects with the Appalachian Trail several times.

Me, excited to be on a bike.